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V-TUF VTABW-90 Combat Wipes Antiviral Antibacterial (90 Wipes)

V-TUF VTABW-90 Combat Wipes Antiviral Antibacterial (90 Wipes)

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Antiviral antibacterial wipes with a powerful cleaning action, effective against COVID-19 and kind to skin

These brand new all in one surface cleaning wipes from V-TUF offer a high-performance cleaning and sanitising action, providing 99.999% efficiency against a broad spectrum of microorganisms that can lead to contamination. They are laced with Aloe Vera for added skin protection and leave behind no sticky residue like other brands of antibacterial wipe. They are also known to be tough on grime, grease & dirt, cleaning surfaces quickly and effectively. They are safe to use on all surfaces, have been dermatological tested, and are trusted and used in the healthcare sector. This is not to mention their pleasant scent!


  • Powerful cleaning action, effective against COVID-19, kind to skin, eco-friendly
  • Effective against viruses including Norovirus, Influenza A (H1N1), Herpes Simplex, Hepatitis C Virus & Coronaviruses (CLEANS GRIME - BS/EN 14476 Kills Viruses (including Coronavirus) - BS/EN 1276 Kills Bacteria)
  • 90 Wipes Per Pack
  • Ideal and safe to use in a vehicle after shopping
  • Safe & Kind To Hands & Skin - Alcohol-Free, Gentle on Surfaces
  • Non-Sticky residue, unlike some wipes and sprays that leave the surfaces sticky which attracts more dirt. Eliminates Cross-Contamination
  • Calming, Beautiful Scent
  • Recyclable packaging
  • Trusted & Used In The Healthcare Sector
  • Clean & Fresh Results
  • Pleasant to use


  • Tested to protocol EN14476, EN13727 & EN1276
  • Pack of: 90
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