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StealthMounts Battery Mounts for Makita 40v XGT 6 PCS - (SM19)

StealthMounts Battery Mounts for Makita 40v XGT 6 PCS - (SM19)

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StealthMounts Battery Mounts for Makita 40v XGT cordless batteries keep your batteries organised and exactly where you need them. Batteries fit by clicking into the holder and are only released by pressing the release button on the battery. Batteries can be held at any angle locked in the holder and will not fall out even whilst travelling. Perfect for mobile setups or workshops! Manufactured in the United Kingdom our Makita 40v XGT Battery Mounts are made using extremely durable injection moulded ABS plastic with countersunk screw holes to allow for firm mounting on multiple surfaces. Great for keeping track of your batteries and staying organised. They can be mounted at any distance from one another and in tight spaces for maximum workshop efficiency. Mount them in your workshop, under shelves, toolboxes, tool trailers or in your work vehicles with due care. They can also be looped through a belt for use on the job site. StealthMounts Battery Mounts are available colour coded to match your Makita platform.

  • Batteries are locked in and secured with a click

  • Can be mounted in many different directions allowing maximum use of space

  • Made in Great Britain 

  • Made with strong injection moulded ABS plastic

  • Keep your workshop and work vehicles organised

  • Never lose your batteries again!

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